Knox Board of Works
The Knox Board of Works met on Wednesday, July 24. While in session, they discussed hiring two part-time police officers, who will help fulfill the department’s manpower needs. Pictured here are board members Steve Dodge, Jim Collins, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Mayor Dennis Estok, and City Attorney Autumn Ferch.


KNOX — At the Knox Board of Works meeting on Wednesday, July 24, the board of works voted to hire two part-time police officers to help fill shifts in the department. 

The first officer that Police Chief Harold Smith asked the board to hire was Adam Benke.

“He’s had two years on with Culver. Prior to getting hired there, he worked with the Mishawaka Fire Department. He was on there for several years,” Chief Smith commended.

“There are a couple of county [employees]… they work part-time over at Culver and they know him. They say he’s a good guy.”

The second officer was Daniel Byrd.

“He previously worked for us,” Chief Smith said. “And he would like to come back and at least work part-time and I could use him. He’s got the training, he’s up to date, and that’s important... He was a good officer.”

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