Andy Davis

Andy Davis will be performing for the second of two Rees benefit concerts being held Saturday June 22. Davis will perform 7-9 p.m. at River Park Square. Tickets to the concerts are $10 each and are good for one or both concerts. They are available for purchase at the Marshall County Museum, Bowen Printing and the Heartland Artist Gallery. Tickets can also be purchased through

PLYMOUTH — The Rees Project Committee has combined fun and funding to offer 2 benefit concerts Saturday, June 22. International Musician Andy Davis will be performing from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at River Park Square. Tickets are $10 each providing entry into one or both concerts at that price. 

Davis is excited to be coming back to Plymouth, as he has previously performed at the Wild Rose Moon. “It’s starting to feel like a home away from home for me.”

Davis started writing songs in high school and started a small band with his friends. “It wasn’t until the end of college that I started making music professionally. I went to Belmont University in Nashville, and had started playing songs at various writer’s nights and showcases. A few established touring artists that were based in town heard me play, and asked if I would come open for them on the road. They were really gracious about introducing me to their audiences, and it helped me be able to support myself as a touring artist.”

Davis specialized in Jazz and soul music. “I’m from Louisiana originally, so there’s definitely a love for jazz, blues and soul music that has shown up in my writing. I prefer to keep things pretty natural sounding, and I focus on capturing authentic moments on my albums, as opposed to super polished productions. I find the little human imperfections a lot more charming than computer-generated slickness.”

Davis shared that it would be impossible for him to choose a favorite song. When asked, the first song that popped into his head was ‘Martha My Dear’ by the Beatles. “I’m sure if I kept thinking about it I’d change my mind about 20 times.”

When asked if he has a specific music or source of inspiration, Davis confided, “To me, inspiration feels a lot like suddenly being astonished at something. Could be something in nature, could be a moving story, could be something you’ve never noticed about a romantic partner. I think anything can be a muse if you get into the practice of looking for inspiration.”

The Rees shared, “Admission to either or both concerts is $10. That means you can attend one or both for one price of $10.00 per adult, other family members are free. We plan to emphasize how the Rees will be a plus for family life in Plymouth and encourage other donations during the concert.  Refreshments will be available or attendees are welcome to bring their own drinks and refreshments.” 

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