MARSHALL COUNTY — Department Head for the Marshall County Highway Jason Peters implored the Marshall County Council to consider wage increases for staff, particularly those employees who hold a coveted Commercial Drivers License (CDL). 

Employees who would like to stay are torn between meeting the needs of their families with higher pay being offered by employee head hunters; and the work - life balance offered by working for Marshall County and a Supervisor they respect. 

Peters expressed concerns for the future of the highway department. He has not had success filling current openings. Though the challenge to find employees is not unique to the highway department, the new CDL requirement has added to his challenge. 

Peters indicated that individuals are no longer seeking county government employment; rather government employees are being sought out. Several of his own employees have been contacted from outside firms in a recruitment effort. 

Read part one of a two part feature in today’s Pilot News. Part two will print in the weekend edition.

Pilot News Group File Photo / Jamie Fleury 

Marshall County Highway Supervisor Jason Peters 

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