Bremen Community Cares

Bremen Community Cares President Matt VanSoest is making efforts to bring younger people into the non-profit organization. In talking to the Bremen High School freshman class, VanSoest had 12 students sign up to participate. From left BHS students Aidan Russell, Patrick Licher, Elizabeth Torres, Marisol Torres and Isabel Reynoso stand with VanSoest after the May 14 BCC meeting.

BREMEN -- “When people think of Bremen, I want them to think of not a person, but a lion who drives a sports car and hacks Facebook.” 

Derek Jensen, president of Historic Bremen, Inc., shared his vision during the May 14 meeting of Bremen Community Cares. 

Josh Walker, cofounder of Discover Plymouth, attended the meeting to present ideas on how the group can reach more people, and he said it all starts with asking “Who is Bremen?”

“You’ll notice I said ‘who,’” he confirmed. “Imagine that Culver is sitting at one table, Bremen is sitting at this table, etcetera. And we say, ‘What kind of person is Bremen? What kind of cars do they drive? What kind of job does Plymouth have versus Bremen?”

Walker said this is a tactic he uses in his career in marketing for his clients, as well as with Discover Plymouth. He expanded, saying to imagine a town as a person, you note their house, clothes, car, personality traits and more. Those factors can then be used in graphics and other marketing campaigns.

“When you figure that out, it makes it a lot easier to communicate who you are as a community and why you’re doing what you want,” he said.

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