The group that received funding for their project, “Unwind,” stands with business consultant Richard Carr, who acted as the class’ mentor this year. The group consists of Sam Homman, Sarah Leeper, Gaberiel Dumph and Kain Hammons.

BREMEN -- During the Bremen Public Schools board meeting, Assistant Principal Andrew Rhode shared his enthusiasm for the school’s first semester-long Entrepreneurship Class, which culminated in a May 21 pitch night.

“There was even an order placed that night, so that was very, very exciting,” he said. “That went well, and we’re looking forward to year two of that.”

Three teams made their pitches on May 21 night to a panel of four adviseres, with a set up like the show “Shark Tank.”

One group, comprising Sarah Leeper, Gaberiel Dumph, Kain Hammons and Sam Homman, received $1,300 from the panel to launch their product, “Unwind.” The group had already received more than 300 orders for the product by the end of the school year.

Unwind is a pocket-sized container that prevents headphones from tangling while in a pocket or bag.

Each group from the class worked with mentor Richard Carr, a business consultant.

In an interview with Heartland News in May, Instructor Amber Reed said she believes the group that received funding demonstrated the most enthusiasm for the class and their product from the beginning.

She said it can be challenging to teach a class that’s structured like that.

“As a teacher, we’re used to filling their minds with information. And instead I have to sit back and be more of a moderator.”

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