MARSHALL COUNTY – Marshall County has its first confirmed case of COVID-19, the coronavirus. In response, the Marshall County Health Department (MCHD) is investigating the case in terms of contact and exposure. Due to privacy laws, the MCHD can’t divulge any personal details about the patient.

MCHD Public Health Nurse Lisa Letsinger went into detail about how the department investigates. When the department is notified of a positive case, the individual is interviewed. The goal of the interview is to determine who the patient has been in contact with. Once done, the MCHD notifies those contacts and orders them to isolate themselves for 14 days. If those contacts develop COVID-19 related symptoms, they are to call 574-335-8560 or their healthcare provider.

When asked about how the coronavirus attacks the body, Dr. Byron Holm, MCHD Health Officer, explained that the virus causes normal symptoms including elevated temperature, cough, and aches and pains associated with symptoms. 

“Pretty much like a normal virus,” he stated adding that it “attacks the immune system.” Because it attacks the immune system, those that have pre-existing conditions or weakened immune systems are considered at risk. 

When asked about how many tests have been performed in the county, MCHD responded that since there are private healthcare providers that perform testing, there isn’t an accurate count.

“Lots of testing being done through commercial labs so it’s very hard for us to have a number,” stated Letsinger.

This first case is currently developing, and details may be released as it’s made known. Make sure to keep current by subscribing to the Pilot News Group. To subscribe, call 574-936-3101 for more information.

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