Hamlet town council

During their regular public meeting on Oct. 23, the Hamlet town council discussed possible Community Crossings projects for 2020. Pictured here from left to right: Kristiana Pitts, Dave Kesvormas, Brian Earnest, Connie Bailey, and Martin Bedrock.

HAMLET — As the construction season winds down, the Hamlet town council looks forward to next year’s possible projects as funded by the Community Crossings Grant. “The application will be due the end of January. So we need to get everything in order,” explained Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts. “We need to decide if we want to do it in January, like we did, or do we want to wait until the second calling?” Reportedly, Hamlet can apply for Community Crossings as soon as November.

Some streets in town are known for having issues that need to be addressed.  “I think we should look at Division St.,” said town president, Dave Kesvormas. “We could add the sidewalks, because then they would be official town walking paths in conjunction with the park.”

The council also theorized that renovating that road, which is heavily trafficked during the fair thanks to its proximity to the town park and fair grounds, would make the town more noticeable for the Stellar Community Grant. “The dedicated walking path is one thing that they’re asking for in Stellar. We’re already kind of doing it on our own,” said Kesvormas. “It would probably cost more to do the sidewalks than the street or just as much, but it’s something to consider.” At this point, the council is considering putting in sidewalks similar to those along Starke St. There is also a possibility of connecting sidewalks on Division, Starke, Pearl, and Indiana to make a continuous path in the future.

“This would be pretty good for the parade route, too. It would let people set up on the sidewalk to watch the parade instead standing in the road.” Councilman Brian Earnest said.

Kesvormas also pointed out that from an engineer’s point of view, the road and intersections in question do not have drainage problems like Railroad Street did.

One question that the council had was regarding the open property that used to have the old horse barn on it. Since the property has a lot of potential, the council does not want to landlock it. “We may have to omit sidewalks in front of that, but we can definitely go on the other side of the road,” said Kesvormas.

The council also believes that adding sidewalks to Division St. would encourage people to sign up for the Sidewalks 50/50 Grant. “This would entice me to want to do 50/50 and my neighbors to have some kind of a connection.” “Some of the sidewalks look contagious. And we’ve said this before in here that the 50/50’s we’ve done over the eight or twelve years stand out,” said Kesvormas. “We can probably get a little bit of an advantage, trying to… get them to update their sidewalks or get them all to match.”

As of Oct. 23, the council wanted street superintendent Kevin Leinbach to make a list of streets in town that require attention before making their final decision.

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