MARSHALL COUNTY — Director of Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council Debbie Palmer issued a release through Culver’s ListSERV Town Gown and Lake to be aware of the increasing activity of fox kits that were born this spring on the hallowed grounds of the Culver Academies Wood Craft Camp. 

Now that the kits are growing, they are becoming more adventurous and are exploring their surroundings more. Sightings have been reported near State Road 10 and 117. Palmer noted that they are not exhibiting fear of vehicles or people. 

Palmer warned not to feed the kits. “There is concern that people might be feeding them.  You may think that you are helping by providing them with food, but it is actually quite harmful.”

She added, “Seeing wild animals up close can be exciting and fun, however providing them with a human-supplied food source nearby nearly always leads to problems for both the animals and humans.  An instinctive wariness of people is important to a wild animal’s survival.”

For the full article, check out the June 25 edition of the Culver Citizen.

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