Four-way stop at 500 S/100 E intersection to take effect Jan. 25

Motorists who regularly travel roadways in rural California Township, will soon find a new traffic pattern at one of the intersections. 

The Starke County Highway Department is adding two stop signs to the intersection at 500 South and 100 East. Starting Monday, Jan. 25 that intersection, located southwest of the City of Knox, will be a four-way stop. 

According to Highway Department Asset Manager Mary Perren, the way the intersection is currently set up, there are stop signs on 500 S for drivers traveling east and west but no stop signs on 100 E. A recent traffic study requested by county officials and performed by Purdue University's Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) determined additional signage is necessary. 

Their report noted some sight distance issues due to crops and vegetation and stated that, as a result, motorists have to nose out into the intersection to check for any oncoming traffic.  

Superintendent Rik Ritzler explained, "The Starke County Highway Department is committed to maintaining safe roads for our residents. We believe the addition of a four-way stop at this intersection will be a significant safety improvement." 

In order to make sure drivers who frequent the area are aptly informed, signs warning of a "new traffic pattern" will be added along with the stop signs.