Travis Hornett

Travis Hornett

Michigan City – Indiana Department of Correction offender Travis Hornett, 39, who walked away from custody Wednesday afternoon, was captured shortly after midnight on Thursday;.

Hornett, who originally hales from Waterloo, was ultimately tracked to a vacant home he had forcibly entered as part of his effort to evade capture. 

Once confronted in the Beverly Shores home by members of the IDOC Fugitive Apprehension Unit, along with members of the Indiana State Police and other local law enforcement officers, Hornett surrendered without further resistance. 

Neither Hornett nor any officers were injured the result of his recapture.

As a result of his escape from lawful custody Hornett is expected to face the charge of Escape, a Level 5 felony, and Residential Entry, a Level 6 felony.

“We greatly appreciate the effort and assistance of the state police and local police agencies who worked side-by-side with our Fugitive Apprehension Unit to get offender Hornett back into custody,” Indiana Department of Correction Commissioner Rob Carter said in a news release.

Indiana State Prison officials discovered Offender Travis Hornett missing from his outside work detail at the facility’s low-security housing unit on Wednesday.

Hornett, as minimum security offender, was part of an outside maintenance work crew.

He was sentenced out of DeKalb County on Sept. 14 to serve a five-year sentence for the crime of burglary, a Level 5 felony.

Hornett had in his possession, when he was captured, a backpack that he acquired by unknown means while he was fleeing, according to the Indiana State Police. 

It is believed he came into possession of the backpack from one of the local beaches in LaPorte County. 

Indiana State Police Detective Mike Bailey is asking anyone who may be missing a backpack and the contents inside please contact him at 219-690-0039.

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