Greg Compton

Greg Compton

Plymouth – The Pilot News sent a questionnaire to all candidates facing a contested race in the November 2019 Plymouth municipal election. The newspaper will run the candidates’ answers in print and online as the candidates submit them and as space allows. The candidates were given a deadline of Wednesday, Oct. 23, to return the questionnaire.

Here are the answers submitted by Greg Compton, a Republican seeking an at-large seat on the Plymouth Common Council. His responses have been lightly edited.

Tuesday, Nov. 5, is Election Day.

Office you are seeking: Plymouth City Council At-Large

Age: 65

Family (Spouse, names and ages of children): Married to Jennifer and we have four adult children, John, Meredith, Neal and Sam along with three grandchildren Even, Seth, and Odessa.

If married, how long married: 37 years in November.

How long have you been a Plymouth resident: I was born and raised in Plymouth moved away as a young adult and moved back in 2005.

Work experience:

– Prior to moving back home, I spent five years as Managing Director of IC Intracom, LLC in Great Britain running their UK operations.

– President/Founder HQ Computer Products, Inc. in Pensacola, Florida. Sold this company to IC Intracom USA in 1997.

Current occupation: Currently the Branch Manager at KeyBank in Plymouth. I have been working for Key since 2005

How long: 14 Years

Previous work experience you believe is relevant to the office you seek:

– Marshall County Commissioner 2010-2012

– Leadership Marshall County graduate- XIII

– Marshall County Plan Commission

– Marshall County Drainage Board

– Marshall/Starke Drainage Board

– PIDCO Board of Directors- Former Vice President and Treasurer

– United Way Board of Directors- Former Treasurer

– Plymouth Plan Commission- Current Vice President

– Plymouth BZA- Current Alternate

– Wild Rose Moon- Current Board of Directors and Treasurer

– Prior to this year was Treasurer of the City of Plymouth Republican Committee.

High school you attended and graduation date: Plymouth High School, 1972

College you attended and graduation date (if applicable): Pensacola Junior College, 1982; University of West Florida.

Political aspirations: Plymouth City Council for one term only.

Why are you seeking this political office/what makes you the preferred candidate? I am seeking this office because this is my home and I wish to be a part of making it a better place to live and work. I have a background in management, leadership, and executive experience. I am completely committed to be an advocate of fiscal financial responsibility at every turn. I will never forget where our budget monies originated.

What are the biggest issues facing the city?/What are your proposals for solving those issues? I would like to begin an initiative to revitalize our neighborhoods throughout the city. It is disappointing that statistics show nearly 60 percent of houses in Plymouth are rental properties. This is not an unusual statistic for cities of our size. I believe that if we have a greater home ownership in our community, we can generate a greater tax base and improve our city overall. This is not a project that can take place in just a few years but if we could make a start of just 5 percent difference it would have a positive effect on our community. It will take time. I plan to make an effort to work with our city, county, state and federal governments along with local builders, real estate companies, landlords, MCEDC, and PIDCO (or whoever it takes) to make this a successful project. We need to have a strong residential tax base to support all the downtown and industrial growth organizations. It will be well worth the effort and investment.

Personal, concluding statement if you’d like to include one: I plan to work closely with the Mayor, the City Council, and City Department Managers to continue to make our City a great community.

I love my community and will do everything within my power to make Plymouth a better place to live and to work. I want to be an elected member of our city government and work for you the citizens of Plymouth. I would appreciate your support, your vote, and more importantly your ideas.

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