Cathy Huff Wraight

Cathy Huff Wraight

PLYMOUTH -- The Pilot News sent a questionnaire to all candidates facing a contested race in the November 2019 Plymouth municipal election. The newspaper will run the candidates’ answers in print and online as the candidates submit them and as space allows. The candidates were given a deadline of Wednesday, Oct. 23, to return the questionnaire.

Here are the answers submitted by Cathy Huff Wraight, a Democrat running for Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer. Her responses have been edited.

Tuesday, Nov. 5, is Election Day.

Office you are seeking: Plymouth City Clerk-Treasurer

Age: 43

Family: Husband, Michael, daughter, Landrie, 17, sons, Emmett and Wyatt, both 5, and daughter, Harriet, 3.

If married, how long married: Eight years.

How long have you been a Plymouth resident: 39 years total, with 18 years most recently.

Current occupation: Human resources and office manager for Parrett Veterinary Clinic. I took the clinic from paper record only practice to completely computerized over a two-year period; provide all updates and staff training for the practice management software; facilitate all staff mentoring for conflict resolution; job scout, conduct all interviews, staff reviews, pay allocations, and terminations; created and manage clinic budget spreadsheets, including monthly, quarterly, annually; establish spending budgets and growth targets; create and manage new incentive programs for staff and clients; and step in as needed for AP/AR, payroll and other accounting as needed (trained the current sitting business manager).

How long: Since 2002.

Previous work experience you believe is relevant to the office you seek: Trinity United Methodist Church, staff/parish committee co-chair from 2006-2008; personally maintained all meeting minutes; spending budgets for the church and its various committees; annual reviews, pay allocations and raise determinations; and new pastor interview and hiring team.

May Company (LS Ayres & Foley's), Clinique counter manager from 1997 to 2001; promoted to Clinique Counter Manager from sales associate within six months; turned $750,000 shop to $1 million counter within 18 months of take-over; and completed CSM training.

High school you attended and graduation date: Graduate of Plymouth High School, 1994.

College you attended and graduation date (if applicable): Bachelor's degree in General Studies, Indiana University 2009

Other education/training you believe is relevant to the office you seek: CSM Training Program (May Company) 1998

Why are you seeking this political office/what makes you the preferred candidate? I am the preferred candidate because I am a capable leader. In addition to being financially competent, I am able to oversee an office that excels in providing the highest level of customer service, something that is currently lacking in the sitting administration. 

Our local residents and business professionals should be able to rely on a positive, helpful experience when utilizing an office that their taxes fund. I firmly believe that clear policies should not only be in place for the financial needs of our community but also for meeting service demands.

Business clients can choose to take their services elsewhere when they receive service that is lacking. Our community members do not have a choice in where their municipal needs are met; they should have the option to vote for a better experience.

I am seeking office because I value Plymouth. I want Plymouth to be a desirable place to live, not just in how it looks from the outside but also by what the experiences are of the tax-paying community members on this inside.

What are the biggest issues facing the city? Accessibility and transparency. 

What are your proposals for solving those issues? It would be ideal if there was a maintained platform that is easy to find and use where residents can view previous meeting information in detail by video and reading. Our residents are busy working, volunteering, raising families. It's not always convenient to be available for meetings or even keep on top of when those meetings are. There are many residents who can't attend meetings but would still like to have unbiased, real access to those meetings on their terms. Consumers, taxpayers in this case, need services that meet them where they are in an effort to engage them and keep them knowledgeable about the community happenings.

Personal, concluding statement if you’d like to include one: I have lived in Plymouth nearly my entire life. I love to travel, whether it's driving around Indiana and the States or going overseas. With my husband, I am restoring a Queen Ann house, which very possibly could take the rest of our lives to complete. We are very budget-minded people that prefer to live simply: We prefer to be debt free as much as possible, we drive our cars until they can no longer be repaired, we fix what is old before buying something new. I'm currently preparing my high school senior for college while also raising 5-year-old twin boys and a 3-year-old little girl. Our household could be described as lively and actually probably borders on riotous most days, yet this is where we find joy. 

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