Alejandro Cortes

Alejandro Cortes

PLYMOUTH -- The Pilot News sent a questionnaire to all candidates facing a contested race in the November 2019 Plymouth municipal election. The newspaper will run the candidates’ answers in print and online as the candidates submit them and as space allows.

Here are the answers submitted by Alejandro Cortes, a Democrat seeking election to the Plymouth Common Council’s 1st District seat. His responses have been edited.

Tuesday, Nov. 5, is Election Day. 

Office you are seeking: Plymouth City Council District 1

Age: 21

Family (Spouse, names and ages of children): Single, no children.

How long have you been a Plymouth resident? My entire life.

Current occupation: Barista at Starbucks.

How long: Over a year

Previous work experience you believe is relevant to the office you seek: Working at Starbucks has led me to meeting and interacting with different types of people. This has allowed me to improve my people skills, which are definitely important for this line of work

High school you attended and graduation date: Plymouth High School, 2017.

College you attended and graduation date (if applicable): Indiana University South Bend, 2021.

Other education/training you believe is relevant to the office you seek: None.

Why are you seeking this political office/what makes you the preferred candidate? My being a person of color can give better representation to those people in our city. 

What are the biggest issues facing the city? Infrastructure repair (streets, sidewalks, abandoned buildings), the opioid crisis.

What are your proposals for solving those issues? Work towards repairing streets that are in dire need of repair. Push to add sidewalks to areas in the city that desperately need them, work with other council members to look for ways to properly address the opioid crisis (more rehabilitation, less jail time).

Final pitch to the voters: The City of Plymouth is a great place to live and raise a family and has been moving in a good direction in recent times. There are, however, areas that could still see some improvement. There are still improvements that can and will be done. I want to help to achieve such goals and see our city grow into an even better place.

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