Culver Lion’s Club distributed a dictionary

Culver Lion’s Club distributed a dictionary to each third grader at Culver Elementary School Friday afternoon. Mrs. Cultice and Mrs. Tharp have a total fo 41 third graders this year. The Lion’s Club leaves extra copies of the dictionary so that children transferring in will receive one as well. Included in the reference manual is a comprehensive dictionary, biographies of the U.S. Presidents, the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, maps of the seven continents, information about the 50 states, weights and measures and more. 

CULVER — Members of the Culver Lion’s Club Culver Chapter distributed a dictionary to each third grade student at Culver Elementary School recently.

The front cover of the reference manual bears a quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein, “The limits of your language are the limits of your world.”

Lions Frank and Susan Elizondo, Marilyn Kelly, Jim Harper, Charles and Randi Fischer, Barbara Winters, and new member Jenny Norwalk each shared what words and language mean to them. 

Winters explained to the children that third grade is where students transition from learning to read and reading to learn.

“The dictionary that we are going to give to you today has more than words in it. It has a lot of information in it.”

Winters pointed out the map and geography section. 

Kelly shared with the students that when she was writing a greeting card she wasn’t sure how to spell a word and referred to her own dictionary at home.

“Even at my age I can still use a dictionary!”

Susan Elizondo showed the children the braille chart and sign language references toward the back of the dictionary, citing Helen Keller who said, “The Lion’s Club International should be the knights of the blind.”

Harper said, “This is probably the most used book in the United States. A dictionary helps you read!”

Randi Fischer inspired a show of hands when she asked, “How many of you like crossword puzzles?”

Every hand went up in the room. “You can use this dictionary to help you spell words properly when completing crossword puzzles.”

Charles Fischer illustrated that the book contained a wealth of science information.

Norwalk referenced Helen Keller, who inspired her to become a member of the Lion’s Club. She encouraged the children, “Have fun with your dictionary!” 

Frank Elizondo emphasized the importance of self-care.

“You are your own special favorite. We are all special to ourselves. I want you to take good care of you. Learning new things is part of taking good care of you. I learn every single day. The hardest job in the world is to learn. This book a gift to yourself.” 

Winters invited the students to explore the free books located within the reading library located in front of the Lion’s Club Train Depot located at the Culver Town Park.

The project was started by Frank Elizondo and continues today.

The children and Lions shared about how important it is to live in service to others and take care of oneself.

Harper encouraged them, “You don’t have to wait to grow up and be a Lion to serve people. You can serve people every day by being kind to one another.”

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