Cassie Hart

Cassie Hart was hired as a new special education instructor for the Culver Community Middle School High School. 

CULVER — Culver Community Schools Corporation (CCSC) Board of School Trustees met Monday, December 16 for a regular board meeting.

Starke County Sheriff’s Department Donation

Starke County Sheriff’s Department donated $1,500 to the school corporation to pay for negative school lunch balances for elementary school students. CCSC Superintendent Karen Shuman confirmed, “We are starting the new year with zero balances.” 

Go Solutions Group, Inc. service agreement approved

The school board approved the Indiana Service Agreement between Culver Community School Corporation and Go Solutions Group, Inc. to comply with reporting of certain data by the school nurse and certain authorized teachers. The reporting is necessary for reimbursement by Medicaid. 

Staff Restructuring

As the retirement of Secretary Jo Ann Warner approaches, Shuman presented the board with a restructuring request to better serve the administrative needs of the school. 

The board approved the process to move forward with the process to hire a Communications Director and Grant Writer. In addition to promoting the school through newsletters and publications, Shuman noted the need to generate additional revenue for the school. “Grant writing is one of those revenues that will help offset our education and operation funds on many types of projects. We think this type of position will help move us further in our campaign to attract more students.” The job description and application will be posted. 

The board also approved the expansion of the current part time Deputy Treasurer position into a full time and more encompassing position of Corporate Administrative Office Manager / Deputy Treasurer. 

The board approved the hire of new special education instructor Cassie Hart. Joy McCarthy will be joining the corporation as a new Special Ed Aide and Kimberly Snyder was approved as the new Case Conference Coordinator and PreK Aide.

Resolution of Transfers

The board approved the 2019-10 Resolution of Transfers. Three changes were implemented to reporting methods, codes and requirements in the 2019 calendar year. The resolution reconciled funds appropriately for accounting purposes and book keeping finalization for the year. 

Potential for Religious Education 

The board considered and approved the first reading of Volume 32, No. 1 Bylaws & Policies which included new language for Religious Education.  

Shuman said, “One of the newest ones being added (passed in July) is Religious Education being offered during the school day. That one has new language in there. Students can receive credit for it. Or it can be offered as a non-credit course. Students can receive it on campus or they can receive it off campus. We are looking at the non-credit off campus option if it was to be offered.”

Shuman noted that the local Council of Churches is looking into the potential offering of that course for students. The Council of Churches represents churches throughout the Culver Community School Corporation including Monterey, Leiters Ford, Culver and one on State Road 10. 

The council has had three meetings exploring the options. “They went and visited the Bremen School Corporation, which does allow students to be released during the day. They are also going to go visit Wa-nee School Corporation to see how they implement it.”

Shuman indicated that the focus of the council is to offer the course to high school students. “The initial thought was to work with high school students. The majority of churches offer a kid type of program. So they thought about capturing the high school type program and offer them an ethics type religious course.”

Shuman noted that there is discussion about including the Bible as part of the course. “Bremen has an elementary school program. They loved what they saw there and embraced it but they really want to help high school students.”

Though nothing has been finalized, Shuman was optimistic about the potential offering. “It’s in discussion. It may or may not come to fruition, but it is a potential offering. The kind of theme or the line of thought for it all was developing hope in students. With the increase of teenage suicide and anxiety and all of those kind of things, one of the pillars sometimes missing for our youth is the religious pillar. So having that as a potential offering to provide that for them if that’s what they need.”

Shuman informed the board that she will be requesting their approval to conduct a survey to gauge interest if the bylaws pass. “They have asked if I would do a survey to see if anyone was interested in it, for one. Are there high school kids that are interested or middle school kids who are interested? 

Would they want it on campus? Would they want it for credit?”

School Board seats on ballot for Presidential Election 2020

4 Culver Community School Board seats will be open on the 2020 Presidential Election Ballot. 

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