Marshall County is switching its phones over to a new system which is causing our police dispatch number, 574-842-2525, to be unusable at this time. If you need to get in contact with the police department for a non-emergency situation, please call 574-842-3613 and leave a voicemail message. Residents can also call Town Hall at 574-842-3140 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and they will get a message to the officer. 

Again, this is for non-emergency situations only.

911 is still working for emergency situations. 

We will let you know once the dispatch number is working again. 

The Town of Culver thanks you in advance for your patience.

Clerk-Treasure Karen Heim is posting timely updates on Culver’s email chain towngownandlake (TGL).

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