During the public comment section of Monday’s meeting, Don Nunemaker Jr. requested that the County Commissioners look at designating the county as a Second Amendment sanctuary.

A Second Amendment sanctuary is a state, county, or other locality inside the country that adopts a resolution or law that opposes enforcement of certain gun control measures.

Kosciusko County Commissioners designated the county as a sanctuary county on Dec. 22, 2020. Fulton County Commissioners also passed a resolution in January to become a sanctuary county.

“The rationale that I have about this is, I’ve been watching the federal government over the last year or so and to me things are going kind of in the wrong direction,” Nunemaker explained. One of the things that he cited was President Biden’s proposed firearm policies which can be viewed at https://joebiden.com/gunsafety/.

Nunemaker said that if these legislations pass it will “make a whole lot of us criminals or they’re going to make us bankrupt.”

Commissioner Overmyer asked Sheriff Matt Hassel if he supported the idea of Marshall County being designated as a Second Amendment sanctuary. 

“I do support it. I think our Second Amendment’s going to be infringed upon if we don’t take a stand now,” said Hassel. The sheriff added that there’s a bill going through Indiana General Assembly that would make Indiana a constitutional carry state. 

The commissioners were unanimous in their support for a resolution to be drafted by the county attorney to support Marshall County as a Second Amendment sanctuary.

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