Cory Craig

Cory Craig

PLYMOUTH – Formal charges have been filed against an Ohio man who fired a weapon at a Plymouth motel last weekend.

The Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office charged Cory D. Craig on Tuesday with criminal recklessness, a Level 5 felony, and carrying a handgun without a license, a Class A misdemeanor.

According to court documents:

Plymouth police were called to Super 8, 2160 N. Oak Drive, shortly before 7:30 p.m. on a report of shots fired at the motel.

When Plymouth police Officer Stuart Krynock and other officers arrived at the scene they found Craig wearing a leather jacket over a bullet proof vest and standing next to his vehicle.

Officers asked which room he had been staying in, but Craig said he didn’t think he should talk to police.

When officers said they just wanted to make sure no one was hurt, Craig again said he didn’t think he should speak.

A front desk worker led officers to Craig’s room. Inside they discovered that the television had a bullet hole in it as well as another bullet hole in the wall directly behind the TV. No one else was inside the room.

Krynock went to the neighboring room and discovered a bullet hole in the wall, a bullet hole through that room’s television and another bullet hole in the opposite wall. The room was empty because its occupants were at a wedding.

The officer then went to the next neighboring room. The occupant of the room allowed Krynock inside. There was an entry bullet hole as well as a bullet hole in the opposite wall. When the room’s occupant spotted the holes, he contacted the front desk.

It wasn’t clear from the court papers if the occupant was in the room when the shot was fired.

The front desk clerk told Krynock she heard a noise earlier, but wasn’t able to locate its source. After the occupant showed the clerk the holes, she found Craig entering his room and spotted the bullet hole in the TV.

The clerk asked him if he had shot the TV and Craig said it was an accident. He then left and officers arrived a short while later.

Officers found a loaded handgun on Craig when they patted him down as well as two loaded magazines. For officer safety, Craig told the responders that there was a rifle in his Honda Civic.

When Craig saw an officer looking for a serial number on the handgun, he said there wasn’t one. Craig claimed that under Ohio law, it is legal to manufacture a firearm if it is not for resale.

Craig also said the machine he used to make his rifle was in the trunk of his car. It wasn’t clear in the court papers, however, if he actually did make that weapon. The type of rifle was not identified in the court documents.

Craig told Krynock and the other officers that they had no authority to search either his room or his vehicle. Officers got a search warrant for both.

Craig remained in the Marshall County Jail on $15,000 cash bond on Thursday.

Craig is scheduled to make an initial appearance in Marshall Superior Court I at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

The criminal recklessness charge against him is punishable by one to six years if convicted. The average sentence is three years.

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