Troy Ulch

Pictured here are Officer Troy Ulch and Bremen’s new K-9 officer, Taro. Ulch and Taro will begin their six-week training on Nov. 4.

BREMEN — Bremen Police Department has announced that Officer Troy Ulch has been chosen to be the new handler for Taro, the department’s new K9 officer.

Ulch picked out Taro on Tuesday, Oct. 29 from Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, IN and the pair will begin their six-week training on Nov. 4.

“Our major fundraiser were Southwire, German Township Trustee, Bremen Auto Park, and Cora’s Back the Blue Paw. We also were approved for a matching grant from Verizon for $10,000,” said Officer Matt Schnaible.

Back the Blue Paw is a nonprofit organization founded by local 9th grader, Cora Callander.

After holding a series of local fundraisers since last June, Callander succeeded in raising a third of the funds needed for the matching grant. According to her Back the Blue Paw Facebook page, they will be hosting one more fundraiser. Currently, though, no details have been released.

Bremen issues final payout for lift station project; $6,500 bidding error brought to the attention of the town council

At the town council meeting on Monday, Oct. 28, Clerk-Treasurer Janet Anglemyer reported to the board about two payouts that would be submitted on Tuesday, Oct. 29. The first was the final payment for the lift station project in the amount of $31,909.80 to Selge Construction specifically for the Water Street station. 

The second payout was presented to the board by engineer Brett Konarski of Jones, Petrie, Rafinski Engineers. Reportedly, the original contract price with Haskins Underground for the lift station project along State Road 331 North was inaccurate. “Haskins had two dog-house style manholes on the 331 project where there was only one. So, that was in the amount of $6,500,” explained Konarski. “Which is the difference between the price of $622,310 and then the actual contract value of $615,810.”

However, the wasn’t the only discrepancy in the contract. “In working through the spreadsheet, there was an error in the balance-to-finish as well. Just some confusion on Haskin’s end with some forms in the spreadsheet. So, those two items have been corrected,” said Konarski.

Regardless, the requested amount is still correct. “It was the starting balance and the finishing balance that needed to be changed,” Konarski explained.

In the pay application with Haskins, $48,467 of the price went to material storage for generators. “We have back-up generators going in on 331 and Woodies Lane South,” Konarski said. “When those are installed, that will be removed from that column and the rest of that line item will be the installed costs.” 

The lift station project comprised of replacing and updating several lift stations around town, which completed a two-year plan to replace all the stations within town limits. Those stations include the ones on Woodies Lane South, State Road 331 North, Legner Street, Harding, Destiny Drive, and Water Street.

Since there was such a large discrepancy, the Bremen town council signed off on the payoff form.

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