Bremen has Stellar students

PLYMOUTH -- During our Virtual Learning Day, a dozen BHS students (all BHS Student Council members) attended the “Marshall County Stellar Conference” at the beautiful Swan Lake Golf Resort from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. 

While there, the students learned about the Stellar Grant Application, and then they had an opportunity (through roundtable discussion) to provide input on the Stellar Committee’s Quality of Life planning for Marshall County – sharing their opinions (in collaboration with about seventy other students from other Marshall County high schools) on all Quality of Life aspects, and what students would like to see in their community. 

They discussed such topics as…

  • Education & Skills,
  • Diversity & Inclusion,
  • Industry/Growth,
  • Parks, Trails, & Transportation, and
  • Art and Culture  

    The twelve STUCO students attending the Conference were:


  • Jasmine Gramm
  • Kenzie Meister
  • Bobby Simons


  • Jacob Fish
  • Courtney Lawmaster
  • Kelsey Lawmaster
  • Corey Schmidt
  • Miranda Starke


  • Jaiden Monhaut
  • Alivia Wogomon


  • Madison Gale
  • Katie Moyer

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