BREMEN -- Bremen Castings, Inc. (BCI) is pleased to announce the winners of the Annual BCI Octoberfest Coloring Contest.

The winners of the 2-4 year old age group are:  1st Place: Sylas Brugh; 2nd Place: Kinslee Coffel; 3rd Place: Roman Alvarado.

The winners of the 5-7 year old age group are: 1st Place: Emmy Varner; 2nd Place: Payton Nichols; 3rd Place: Josie Wildauer.

The winners of the 8-10 year old age group are: 1st Place: Dalayna Monhaut; 2nd Place: Izzy Wildauer; 3rd Place: Cassidy Miller.

The winners of the 11-12 year old age group are: 1st Place: Lydia Burch; 2nd Place: Londyn Grounds; 3rd Place: Henry Varner. 

The winners were chosen from nearly 200 entries and announced during the Annual Bremen Octoberfest on Friday, September 27, 2019.  In each category, 1st Place winners received a crisp $50 bill, 2nd Place winners received $20 and 3rd Place received $10.  Judging of all of the entries was very difficult as the artwork of these youngsters was amazing.

Congratulations to all of our winners and to all of the children that participated in the BCI Coloring Contest!

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