BEMS office addition

Architect Adam Weesner met with the school board to explain the development plan for the proposed 2- story BEMS office addition, which is scheduled to begin construction by the end of this month and will be finished by August, 2020. On the left is the current building and on the right is the projected image of the completed addition.

BREMEN -- During the Bremen School Board meeting on Aug. 21, Architect Adam Weesner from Barton-Coe-Vilamaa Architects and Engineers in Fort Wayne spoke about the proposed office addition to the Bremen Elementary and Middle School.

“The main points right now are simply the ingress, egress, and the security of the building,” explained Superintendent Dr. Jim White.

He then went on to explain that the new office will benefit the parents.

“We also have nowhere for walker parents, when they’re picking up their students, to be in the building but not have free reign... So when they’re coming in for meetings, conferences, IEPs, it will all transpire in this area without having trouble.”

Reportedly, construction will begin by the end of this month and should be completed by August, 2020.

“That shows ten months, basically, to build it. We’re going to try to get you in there before the school year begins,” said Weesner.

However, the board expressed willingness to allow the project to take a couple extra months in order to keep costs down.

“Even though we would like to have it available, we’re better to not put a hard time crunch on this thing. If [the contractors] feel like they have a little more time, I think we’ll be more apt to get better numbers than if they think they’ll have to be cranking some over-time,” explained Dr. White.

The proposed 2-story addition will not only provide much needed office space for the principals, counselors, and other administrators, but will also increase security through locking doors with a call button to the office area as well as the classroom corridors on both stories.

There will also be security cameras throughout the addition.

There will also be two conference rooms, one on both floors.

The health clinic will also be expanded to provide extra beds, an isolation room, and an office area for the nurses.

According to Weesner, the addition will cost $2.2 million total, which budgets for construction costs and “soft” costs like furniture, decor, as well as surveyor and lawyer fees.

The total allotted for soft fees at this point is $1.8 million, which is about 25% of the estimated cost.

The estimate also includes a $75,000 construction contingency allowance.

On Sept. 3, there was a pre-bid meeting with the board and about twenty contractors from various trades.

The architects explained the project’s schedule, blueprints, and possible additions to the project, after which the contractors were given a wal-through of the current building.

Reportedly, the architects were pleased with the number of attendants to the meeting and believe that there will be a good number of bids submitted.

Contractors are requested to include an estimate of hard and soft costs and a soil contingency allowance.

Contractor bids will continue to be accepted through Thurs., Sept. 19 at 1 p.m.

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