We would like to take a moment to clear up any misunderstanding that may be circulating regarding the recent temporary closure of the Bremen Public Pool.

Wednesday afternoon a swimmer jumped off the diving board while wearing a swim mask.

Unbeknownst to both the swimmer and our staff, the swim mask lens was made of tempered glass.

Upon impact with the water, the swim mask shattered and dropped glass pieces and particles into the pool.

Our staff immediately began following in-water broken glass protocol and evacuated the pool.

Thankfully, neither the swimmer nor any other pool attendees were injured.

There was no malicious intent to break glass in the pool; this was simply an accident.

Standard Operating Procedures dictate that an in-water broken glass event requires a complete drain, vacuum, and refill of the swimming pool.

Swimmer safety is our first priority and adhering to this procedure, while quite cumbersome, helps us ensure that our visitors will have a safe pool environment for the rest of the season.

Our pool already has a “no glass” policy in place; however, in this instance, our staff had no reasonable reason to question the material of the swim mask.

After research and inspection over the past few days, plastic and glass masks are virtually indistinguishable.

In order to minimize the risk of an event like this reoccurring we have decided effective immediately, mask-style goggles (see attached photo) will no longer be allowed at our facility.

Only non-mask, standard swim goggles will be allowed (see attached photo).

We reserve the ability to refuse usage of any item, goggles or otherwise, which we believe may be made of glass.

Again, swimmer safety is our top priority.

We will be reopen today (Saturday 7/13) and resume normal hours.

Next week’s swim lessons will revert to their originally scheduled times and location and all classes will again be at our facility.

We offer a HUGE thank you to Dr. Jim White and the Bremen Public School for hosting our swim lessons at their facility while we dealt this this incident.

We hope everyone understands both the reasoning of the recent closure and the change in policy moving forward.

We have appreciated your patience.

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