From Mark Senter

Mayor of the City of Plymouth

PLYMOUTH — In a year filled with pandemic and social unrest throughout our nation, I’m reminded that, while things may be different, life goes on. I just spent a long weekend away, spending time with family and helping to move my mother from her nursing home into a room at my sister’s house in Plainfield. I’m thankful to have my sister who’s able to provide care and companionship for mom at this time. While I was away, I noticed quite a stir online regarding the Marshall County Health Department’s county-wide mask order. I’m not a doctor and I don’t try to play one on TV (or Facebook). When it comes to matters of public health, I will always defer to the experts. I have the most confidence in Dr. Byron Holm and his team at the Marshall County Health Department. I support the county-wide mask order and the City of Plymouth will certainly abide by it.

We’re all trying to get by and thrive as best we can in these trying times. As a person of faith, especially in difficult circumstances, I try to center myself in the principles of loving God and loving my neighbors. That’s served humanity well in ages past and is bound to see us through this current storm. Be kind to one another and, as I like to say, keep smilin’ (even if it’s underneath a mask).

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