LAKEVILLE—After giving a pay raise and a stipend to teaching faculty in LaVille Public Schools earlier in the school year, the Union-North School Board received funds to give a one-time $500 stipend to all non-teaching staff across the corporation. The resolution passed unanimously. “They are very deserving of it,” said board member Arden Balmer, the person who made the motion. “These people are heroes.”

Balmer commemorated the staff for their “heroic efforts” as the state starts to hopefully transition away from COVID education policies. “We cannot say this enough: we are hopefully emerging from a very dark, difficult time in education. Our people—you—went through things you’ve never been trained for. Never in our wildest imagination could we have envisioned what our people had to do,” he said. “It’s not even close to being adequate, but thank you.”

The pre-tax amount of most of the stipend is $609.29 to allow staff to take home $500 after taxes. Due to differing tax brackets, the take-home amount can be difficult to predict. Nonetheless, the board was determined to give each staff member as close to $500 as possible. 

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