LAPAZ—The LaPaz Town Council heard a report from Adam Sitka regarding some minor changes that had to be made to the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) Agreement for the town’s municipal water utility system project.

 Sitka presented the original PER agreement to the town council at their February meeting. At that time, they also discussed funding options with grant writer Shannon McLeod. One of the town’s funding options is the State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF). 

However, in order to be acceptable for that application process, the PER has to be formatted differently and a few alternatives have to be added. “SRF likes to make sure that we look at all options,” Sitka explained. “Not to spend time fleshing out alternatives that aren’t feasible, but just to give them that brief synopsis of ‘here’s why we went this direction.’ Some of the options possible are to expand the town’s current PER to include possible options like a hydropneumatic pressure tank instead of a normal water tower tank or installing a regular tank that is a different size.

The amendment also includes a new timeline, which will get the PER draft completed and submitted to the town by April 1 so that Sitka can discuss it with them and edit it into the final draft. According to the amendment’s timeline, the final draft will be submitted to the state by April 29, ahead of the May 1 deadline. “That’s normally most of engineering with a little bit of Shannon’s involvement. She wants to put a nice spin on it,” he described. 

Sitka explained that the main objective of submitting the application is to get on the SRF’s Project Priority List (PPL). “Once we’re on that list, that gets us in the short line for a lot of this funding that we’ve been discussing,” he said.

After some discussion, the council unanimously approved the amendment. 

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