Joseph Asad Lee taking thousands of steps to speak thousands of words to reach thousands of hearts

Pilot News Group Photo / Jamie Fleury (group)

Joseph Asad Lee started walking alone to advocate for social change. By Independence Day Lee had several advocates join him as he walked the streets of Culver where he was raised. Though some people drove by shouting racial slurs, Lee was not deterred from his mission to reach every heart and mind possible in the community where he grew up. “The reason I chose to come to Culver and why I am demonstrating here has a lot to do with what I have seen on social media. And how the people I grew up with, and people I rode the bus with, and people I played pee wee football with and Pop Warner Sports with - react to - and the messages that they are spreading and reposting are just not in line with what I thought the values we were all raised to believe.”