BREMEN—The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) recently awarded Bremen a State Community Development Planning Block Grant, which is a section of the funds the town was awarded in the Stellar Communities Grant. In expectation of receiving these funds, the Bremen Town Council passed an ordinance to create a fund for the park pool and aquatic facility during their town council meeting on Jan. 24.

For the last couple years, Bremen has discussed various renovations they would like to make to the aging park pool, and included it as a potential project in their Stellar Grant application in 2020. After discussing the issue, the motion was carried unanimously.

Bremen is looking for residents to fill out surveys about the pool renovation project and the Parks & Recreation Department’s 5-year master plan. Participants are invited to give feedback about which projects and programs should be given priority status. Anyone who wishes to take the survey can find it on the Bremen Parks and Recreation Facebook page. 

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