After years of planning and preparing, Bremen will be putting in a canoe and kayak launch in Shumaker Westside Park. "They have equipment on-site. They're starting earlier than they planned," Park Superintendent Brian Main reported to the town council. The construction is to begin within a couple of weeks and will be completed by May 2, according to the current timeline.

Donny Ritsema of Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) also reported to the council that the draft of the Parks Master Plan was completed and available for public perusal. 

This plan covers the town’s five-year goals for parks around town. Since beginning work on the project last may, MACOG and the Project Steering Committee from the Bremen Park Board have worked side-by-side to learn the need and desires of those who use the park the most.

The committee conducted multiple stakeholder interviews and two public input surveys. From the responses, the committee determined the three top priorities: continue partnership with Bremen Schools to share resources and facilities, streamline park events and programs notification system by creating a landing page and community calendar, and expand community events by allowing local civic groups to maximize park use.

At this point, the first-year plan is just a draft. However, MACOG and the Bremen Parks Dept. would like feedback before finalizing the Master Plan. In order to view it, the public is encouraged to visit the Bremen Town Hall or go online to Ritsema hopes to present the finished copy of the Master Plan to the Bremen Town Council in March.

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