Fulton County Chili Cook-off

L – R bottom row: Becky Anspach, Julie Hoekman, Barb Allison, Rachel Hansen. Middle row: Danni-Jo Rausch, Liz Symon, Abby Dunlap-Hundt. Top row: Paul Mach, Larry Hunter, Dan Collins, Tom Vannevel.

DONALDSON -- On a recent Friday at lunchtime, a stream of carts bearing crock pots flowed into Lindenwood Retreat and Conference Center for a tasting of seven different chilis. The reason: This year, The Center at Donaldson will have an entry in the 28th Annual Fulton County Chamber of Commerce Chili Cookoff and Classic Car Show. The event takes place in the courthouse square on Saturday, Oct. 12 beginning at 11 a.m. EDT.

In keeping with The Center’s vision of Integral Ecology, all seven entries were vegetarian, and each one was distinctly different. According to Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical, Laudato Sí, the bond between humans and the natural world means that we live in an “integral ecology,” and as such, an integrated approach to environmental and social justice is required.

Reception Services Coordinator Julie Hoekman made a sampling loaded with 14 different veggies, while Paul Mach of Lindenwood evoked childhood nostalgia with his entry featuring macaroni. Moontree Studio Coordinator Liz Symon’s creation was a multi-sensory experience that spotlighted spices from India. It was a tough job, since all the entries were delicious. The team chose Marketing Coordinator Jessica Craig’s version with earthy mushrooms and Delicata squash as the winner and the one that will be featured in the contest.

Countless hours have gone into the planning since prizes will also be awarded for the booth’s theme and décor, in addition to the chili. Ancilla College Earn-to-learn student Danni Jo Rausch designed a colorful, Mother Earth logo, from which the team got its name, Good Earth Eats. Her design will be used as the booth backdrop and the team t-shirt logo. Team members gathered after work on several evenings to paint the backdrop, chop veggies, and bake cheddar-jalapeno muffins for the event. Equipment and ingredient lists were composed, and food ordered. Co-workers on the team will mingle with the crowd on cook-off day, wearing our shirts, handing out freebies, and inviting attendees to visit our booth and cast their votes for Good Earth Eats. The first 200 guests will also receive a soup mug and spoon set bearing The Center at Donaldson logo created especially for this event.

Team members are Abby Dunlap-hundt, Liz Symon, Rachel Hansen, Paul Mach, Danni Jo Rausch, Larry Hunter, Becky Anspach, Tom Vannevel, Dan Collins, Jessica Craig, Julie Hoekman, and Barb Allison. Please come out for the judging on Saturday, October 12, enjoy a bowl of chili, see some retro cars, and vote for Good Earth Eats. Lindenwood and Moontree are part of The Center at Donaldson, sponsored by The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.

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