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PLYMOUTH – With the Fourth of July just around the proverbial corner, City of Plymouth officials are reminding residents of the appropriate times to shoot off fireworks.

Laura Mann, the city’s promotion of the city coordinator, said it is legal for residents to shoot fireworks between Saturday and Monday, July 9.

With the exception of July 4, fireworks can only be shot off between 5 p.m. and two hours after sunset.

On Independence Day, fireworks can be legally detonated between 10 a.m. and midnight, according to city code.

It’s also legal to shoot off fireworks between 10 a.m. New Year’s Eve and 1 a.m. New Year’s Day.

Exceptions are made for special events, such as the annual Marshall County Blueberry Festival.

Mann also said it is illegal for a minors to buy fireworks. It’s also illegal for a minor to possess fireworks unless an adult is present to supervise.

It’s only legal to shoot off fireworks on your own property or someone else’s property who has given you permission to use it.

Violating the city code can result in a $100 fine for each offense.

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