For Autumn Leed, nothing would be sweeter than winning The Greatest Baker, an online competition to see who is the best of the best in the world of baking. She discovered the competition through Facebook and decided to throw her hat… or pie… into the ring.

“I love the creative aspect of baking and the challenge of not only duplicating a recipe but of developing it into something new. I always love the anticipation of trying whatever new creation I have developed and getting to hear all of the positive feedback from those who try my baked goods,” she said.

She first fell in love with baking when she was a small child. “Growing up on a strawberry farm in Plymouth, my mom showed me how to make a strawberry pie while I was just seven years old.”

When asked who her inspiration is, Autumn lists her mother. “Barbara Jean Leed was a master in the kitchen at using food to connect people together and lifting others spirits,” Autumn says. “Her creations were always what brought others together and her table was always open to anyone to enjoy her home cooked delights or maybe even some sage advice.”

Leed has led the competition in first place through the last three rounds in her group. As of Wednesday, she still holds the first place. Voting ends tonight at 7 p.m. PDT which is 10 p.m. EST. If you’d like to vote for Autumn, you can go here.

Fans can vote for free or if you’re interested in giving back, you can offer “Hero Votes” with all proceeds going toward “No Kid Hungry.”

“It’s very exciting to be in first place in my group and knowing that I have so much support from so many in the pursuit of this dream of mine.”

If she remains in first place, she’ll advance to the quarter finals which lasts from June 11 till June 17. Semi-finals will last from June 18 to June 24 with Finals from June 25 to July 1.

The winner of The Greatest Baker will be announced on July 1. The winner receives a grand prize of $35,000, of that amount $20,000 is a cash prize. The winner will also be featured in Bake From Scratch Magazine.

“To win The Greatest Baker would give me the opportunity to much more easily move forward on my dream of opening a ‘brick and mortar’ location for my bakery, ‘Shut Yer Piehole’, in my hometown of Plymouth,” says Autumn.

She goes on to say that even if she doesn’t win the competition, she plans to move forward with her dream.

“Either way, I intend to move forward with my dream and plan of opening ‘Shut Yer Piehole’ in Plymouth as a Grand Prize winner of The Greatest Baker contest or not. Being named The Greatest Baker would provide a huge bump in that direction,” she said.

Leed was asked what her favorite food was to prepare. “My favorite food to prepare is a double crust fruit pie which affords me the opportunity to get to the roots of what I fell in love with as a child by creating beautiful, homestyle desserts.”

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