Xenia Czifrik

Xenia Czifrik invites artists near and far to showcase their work during the 2019 Culver Lake Festival. 

CULVER — Xenia Czifrik, Member of the Heartland Art Gallery, organic farmer, and local artisan offers artists near and far two opportunities to promote their work during the 2019 Culver Lake Festival.

Rather than pay a vendor fee, artists and crafters are invited to showcase their work in ‘The Art Lodge’ which will be held inside the Culver Theater.

If an item is sold, a portion of that sale goes to the Culver Lake Fest to fund the activity next year. 

The other option is to rent a booth space for $100.

Though the early bird pricing of $75 has expired, it is not too late for artists and crafters to promote their wares during the Culver Lake Festival which will be held Friday, July 19 through Sunday, July 21.

Czifrik is a Physics instructor at the Culver Academies.

She designs jewelry as a creative outlet and actively supports the arts, not only in Culver but throughout Marshall County.

“I would love see as many artists as possible take advantage of this opportunity to share their work.”

Those interested should go to www.culverlakefest.com and select the forms and apps option to sign up.

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