PLYMOUTH – During this week’s Plymouth Parks and Recreation Board meeting, Superintendent Mike Hite informed the board about an offer to donate kayaks and/or canoes from the Marshall County Soil and Water Conservation District (MCSWCD).

The donation of boats would allow the department to rent them out to those that would like to travel the Yellow River.

Hite stated that his department hasn’t looked at the specifics of rentals but wanted to know what the board would think of the idea and of the offer. Hite also didn’t know how many kayaks and/or canoes the MCSWCD would donate. He thought they would be able to donate up to 10, but he wasn’t sure if they would need that many.

Board President Dave Morrow said that it would be nice to have a combination of some kayaks and some canoes. Board Vice President Mike Kershner said that it would be nice to have the rentals so that patrons could utilize the kayak launches along the Yellow River.

Hite brought up the fact that renters would have to have life jackets as well. Hite stated that the MCSWCD didn’t mention donating the life jackets.

Morrow asked City Attorney Sean Surrisi to draft a rental agreement. He also suggested that sometime in the future, the board form a subcommittee to figure out the logistics of this rental program.

It was the agreement of the board to have Hite pursue this offer.

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