Yolanda’s Mexican Restaurant.

The Quiroz family of Yolanda’s Mexican Restaurant pose for a photo.

PLYMOUTH -- Yolanda’s has been serving this community for a total of 16 years. Edgar Quiroz, manager, bartender, and son of owner Yolanda Quiroz, has worked at the family business since he was 12 years old. 

What is Yolanda’s? Yolanda’s is a family run authentic Mexican restaurant. Yolanda’s has been awarded best Mexican restaurant in Marshall County for 13 years in a row. “It’s a family owned business,” states Quiroz, “We have authentic Mexican food as well as some Tex-Mex food.” Tex-Mex food is a style of Mexican cuisine with heavy American influences. Many of the ingredients are similar, but for many people the American influence, especially where it concerns the spicy factor is a much friendlier option. Yolanda’s is not only a restaurant, but it can also function as an entertainment space, as the business is equipped with a stage. For more information on the use of the business as an entertainment space you can visit Yolanda’s Facebook page. 

As for why you should consider going to Yolanda’s for your taco Tuesday, Quiroz states, “I think that people should come to Yolanda’s because we are a small family owned business and personally, I help with Discover Plymouth and I do a lot of other things for the community. When you support our business you are helping us support our community back. Other big businesses aren’t like that, and we really care more about our restaurant and our food and I just don’t think you get the same quality and the same attention to detail when you go to a big chain or a big restaurant.”

As for fan favorites, Quiroz explains customers keep it simple. “The steak burrito, fajitas, and then the authentic Mexican tacos are definitely at the top,” states Quiroz.       

Juan Rodriguez, a regular customer of Yolanda’s, chimes in, “My family and I used to never go to Mexican restaurant as we always left disappointed. The ingredients weren’t authentic, the feel of the place was never authentic, and we were often judged for speaking Spanish, the “Mexican” language, in a Mexican restaurant. How strange is that? My wife and I ended up moving here about six, maybe seven years ago and one night neither of us really felt like cooking and the kids really wanted tacos. We decided to give this place a shot after one of the family friends had given it a glowing recommendation. Immediately, we were greeted with a smile and given prompt service. I accidentally ordered in Spanish and was ready to be met with scorn. Instead a fluent exchange of Spanish pleasantries and comments spewed forth. My family and I spoke in Spanish the remainder of the evening. Yolanda’s is always first choice when my family and so decide that it’s time to eat out. I can not recommend Yolanda’s enough, not only for Latino families but for everyone who wants good food served by great people.” 

Small town restaurants are both nostalgic and integral in the social lives of members of a community. “People are always looking for a new place to eat. Even if they do not live here, they can stop and have dinner here and then afterwards maybe wander downtown at the shops. Having places like this helps bring awareness to the downtown area especially,” explains Quiroz. 

Emily Burgess and her husband Brad, visiting from Arkansas, are ‘very happy we stopped here.’ Emily Burgess begins, “I don’t even know what to say about this restaurant. It is everything one could want in a Mexican restaurant and more. We happened upon this by chance and oh my gosh it’s just incredible. Going to Yolanda’s is like a whole experience, culinary and culturally. The decor is just absolutely exquisite and the service is never sub par. Edgar [Quiroz] is an amazing manager and bartender and is so helpful. The great Yolanda herself is one of the friendliest and warmest people I have ever known. You can truly taste the love in each bite. These people know what they’re doing here. It would just be plain silly to not give this place a shot. They deserve a full house every night for the quality of their entire ambience, from food to service to personality.”

Brad Burgess had a much shorter explanation of Yolanda’s. “I give it two thumbs up,” states Brad Burgess, claiming that says it all. 

Quiroz concludes, “We are a family business, and we love our community.” Yolanda’s can be found at 116 W Laporte St. in downtown Plymouth or on their Facebook page which includes a calendar of events. 

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