Zumba dance group to perform at 'Dancing with the Stars'

PLYMOUTH — Attendees of the Dancing with the Stars fundraising event this Saturday evening at Swan Lake will be treated to the fancy footwork of local group Chris and The Glitz, in addition to the main event — performances by partner dance teams. Chris and The Glitz won’t be competing, however. Instead, group members have asked friends and relatives to sponsor their performance, raising more than $1,000 so far.
“All of the money will go to the Marshall County Neighborhood Center,” said Chris Collier, the group’s choreographer.
Chris and The Glitz will dance to “Love to Love You Baby” by Donna Summer.
“It’s fun to do and it’s showy,” said Collier of the song choice.
The 10 members, most of whom also attend Collier’s Zumba class at the LifePlex, have performed previously for the LifePlex’s annual Senior Expo, the One Book, One Town book club, and area nursing homes. The group has changed in the three years since it was formed — both in members and in name, performing under the monikers “Ragtime Ritz” and “Putting on the Ritz.”
“This is our third name change,” said Collier. “(The name) just depends on what kind of event we are doing.”
Group member Suzanne Downs said that she and other members have been practicing for Saturday’s performance since October.
“We’ve put a lot of time into (practicing),” said Downs.
The group is diverse — with members ranging in age from 30 to 70 —but what they all have in common is their love of dance. Though many take Zumba classes to stay in shape, but these dancers are now taking their energy to the masses with their exuberant performances.
“It’s just fun to be healthy, and we all enjoy dancing and the camaraderie, too,” added Downs.
Dancing with the Stars is an annual event with the goal to raise $100,000 for the Marshall County Neighborhood Center. Attendees of the dinner and dance buy votes for their favorite partner dance teams, made up of one community member and one professional dancer. Votes for the 11 couples can be cast online ahead of time or on the night of the event. To find out more about Dancing with the Stars, purchase tickets, and read bios of this year’s dancers, visit the event’s website at www.events.org/neighborhoodcenter. Tickets are also available for purchase at the Neighborhood Center and the LifePlex.