Zoeller hits up Plymouth Country Club’s Fall Stag event

PLYMOUTH — Fuzzy Zoeller can lay claim to a U.S. Open and Masters championship. Now after a long and successful career as a golfer, Fuzzy is throwing his hat into another ring.
Fuzzy Vodka hit shelves in July 2009.
Zoeller was in Plymouth Thursday night to sign bottles and press the flesh for members and non-members alike as the local country club held its annual Fall Stag.
Zoeller recently played in the Champions circuit of golf, formerly known as the Seniors. Now, Zoeller, said, he’s going to focus his attention on his vodka.
“I had some people approach me about doing a signature wine,” said Zoeller. “But I don’t drink wine. Then I had a buddy say ‘Why don’t you do a vodka. You know plenty about that.”
So Zoeller ventured into the vodka game. He tried several. He had his friends try several. But the one that stuck came from Bend, Ore.
Zoeller said the vodka is selling like gangbusters so he’s going to focus his attention on that.
Despite his increased interest in spirits, the Indiana native and resident still follows the game.
“It’s in great hands right now,” said Zoeller of the new generation of golfers like Bubba Watson and Rory McIlroy.
Zoeller said the Ryder Cup this summer was proof of how good the game of golf is right now.
“If you watched that and it didn’t do something to you then you have no pulse,” said Zoeller.
More than 100 people were on hand Thursday night to meet Zoeller.
The proceeds from the Stag event go to improvements for the golf course.