Yummy Lessons:Students learn about good nutrition and economics

PLYMOUTH – It has been said that we learn by doing. That is what is happening to kindergartners and second graders this week at Earthworks in Plymouth. The students are from Washington Discovery Academy, a project-based learning (PBL) elementary school in the Plymouth School Corporation.
Team leader for this project is Kendall Hoover, a kindergarten teacher at the school. “Eat This, Not That” is the project title, and is self-explanatory. Discovery work has led the students in these two grades to search outside the school for knowledgeable help, which turned out to be Sister Sue Rodgers, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, from Earthworks Market.
A collaboration developed in which Rodgers asked the students to make a healthy granola bar which could be sold at Earthworks and at the Plymouth Farmers Market.
“We learned about many different ingredients that are in granola bars…some healthy and some not so healthy,” Hoover said. “We found out that we had to include small amounts of ingredients that were not as healthy to make the bars taste good. We also learned that some of the healthy ingredients are ones we do not like by themselves, but when mixed into a granola bar, they are quite delicious!”
The students in these two grades will be making the bars and selling them this week at the WDA Health Fair on Friday. They also invite the public to buy the bars on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at either the Farmers Market from the second graders or at Earthworks from the kindergartners.
Earthworks Bakery and Market has moved to a new location at 900 W. Jefferson Street in Plymouth. The students, along with Earthworks staff, have created the bars and made posters and commercials to promote them.
The Health Fair on Friday at the School, in addition to offering the Discovery Bars, will be organized so that classes of students will be rotating to nine different stations during the day. The stations are: healthy eating, appropriate dress for the winter, bike and car safety, playground safety, first aid, hand washing, dental hygiene, fire safety, and summer safety, according to Jona Cartwright, B.S.N., R.N., health careers instructor for the school corporation.