Young runner hasn’t lost sight of her dreams

BOURBON — Kyra Hackworth is one of those people who can’t take no for an answer.
The young student at Triton hasn’t allowed a car accident that took use of her legs away from her to stop her from doing things she wants to do. With the encouragement of her physical therapist at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center/Plymouth, Eric Holsopple, Kyra participated in this year’s Bluebarry Stomp for the first time.
“She loves sports and when Eric brought it up I thought it was a great idea,” said Kyra’s mom, Nicki Yoder. “She didn’t like the training very much, but I’m not the kind of mom that was going to let her slack off. I think I push her too hard sometimes, but she tells me ‘I don’t like it that much at the time but it’s fun.’”
Kyra didn’t disagree.
“It wasn’t much fun training especially at the beginning,” she admitted. “It got easier and I’m so glad I did it.”
She’s glad enough that it has become something that will be a continuing part of her life.
“I really want to run it (Blueberry Stomp) again,” she said. “I like it enough that I want to keep doing it.”
“I’m so happy she did it, it’s boosted her self-esteem,” said Nicki. “She’s talking about wanting to get a racing chair and doing a lot more races. With people telling her all the time that ‘you can’t do that’ it’s super inspirational.”
Kyra has other dreams away from racing. One day she would like to attend culinary arts school and own her own bakery.

“That is my dream,” she admitted. “Baking is something that I’ve always loved to do, it’s always been very special to me because it’s something that my mom and my grandma have always done together. I love it.”