Work continues at Park Jefferson Apts.

PLYMOUTH — Workers have been spotted at the previously condemned Park Jefferson Apartments on Jefferson Street in Plymouth.
The building was named earlier this year on Mayor Mark Senter’s Operation Bright Spot list of abandoned and dilapidated buildings in town.
The goal was to inspire action to either remove these eyesores, or fix them up so they could be used.
“It has taken a lot of prompting through most of this year to get something rolling (at Park Jefferson),” said Senter Tuesday. “There are about three or four guys working, and I imagine that they will work on one building at a time.”
Senter said that he and building commissioner Keith Hammonds have placed significant pressure on the owner of Park Jefferson Apartments as well as the owner of Plymouth Motel across the street to take care of their buildings.
Plymouth Motel was demolished, but Senter said he is disappointed that the sign is still there.
“We have forced (owners of) Park Jefferson and the Plymouth Motel to do what they have done so far,” said Senter. “It’s moved slower than what I wanted, but this is the way people work. If (the owners) lived here it would be a different story, they would take more of an ownership for their buildings.”
Senter said that out of the six buildings named for the Operation Bright Spot project, none of the owners live locally.
He has contacted all owners except for the owner of the Economy Inn (formerly Motel 6) on Michigan Street.
“The Economy Inn is a big question mark…I have no idea what the status is on that,” said Senter. “We will take it one day at a time.”
Comfort Suites, just north of Economy Inn on Michigan Street, is another building being investigated by the city.
Unlike other Operation Bright Spot buildings, this one has never been used.
It was built several years ago and marketed as Comfort Suites hotel, but never opened its doors. The brand new building now has overgrowth partially covering the outside.
“I believe the owner of Comfort Suites has state permits to reestablish the completion of the building, but as far as I know he does not have permits from the city,” said Senter.
Other buildings named as problems under Operation Bright Spot include the Franklin Iron area on Garro Street, the old Clark gas station at East Jefferson and Randolph streets, and various mobile homes and houses around the city.
Senter said Operation Bright Spot is still on his mind.
“I have some ideas for 2013, but it will have to do with housing,” said Senter.