Weather and road condition update

Staff Writer

Starke County Emergency Management has release the following report on local road conditions.
County plows went out this morning at 4 a.m. with instructions to push back the drifts as much as possible. This push will be difficult and continuous as the National Weather Service forecast is for high winds to pick back up causing additional drifting. Drivers will be salt/sanding intersections, hills, and bridges. The NWS is also looking for additional snow beginning later today into Friday. The cold and wind chill factors will also be a cause for concern.
Starke County will stay at the posted "Advisory" Travel Level till such time as county roads improve, or conditions worsen. County roads are snow packed at if you have to travel on them go slow and be aware of changing conditions. Listen to local media or this posting for any changes.
Wind chills currently are -26. Wind Chills are based on exposed skin so if you need to go outside dress for the cold and if traveling take a charged cell phone, blankets, etc.
Additional snow fall is expected to start later today into Friday with high winds. NWS has not provided any snow totals as of yet. The cold will continue so be prepared at home and if traveling.