We All Deliver

I have often said circulation at a newspaper is the front lines. We meet the folks who read the stories and peruse the ads and look at the pictures. We are the folks you think of when you think of your hometown newspaper. If we do not do our job, at the finish line, a great story will remain unread, a picture unseen, advertisers will miss connections with their clients.
I am Mike Siroky, manager of circulation, happy to represent all the hard-working delivery people who get our product to your each day.
Sometimes, the work just works out.
One recent fine afternoon here in Pilotland, I had a call to redeliver a paper. It was not out of my way (nor in my way) to do so, so I did it. I delivered a newspaper to a valued customer. The basic compact we have with our subscribers fulfilled.
They really missed it. It made me feel good to answer their wish.
As I was walking away from their porch, I noticed two fully-developed lilac bushes just lying there.
“They are yours if you want them,” said one of the customers.
Us lilac folk cannot turn down such an offer. So, roots and all, I put them in the back seat and off I went home.
I changed into older clothes as soon as I got there, broke through the mud and clay and even sawed through a nice fat bush root and got them planted well before dark.
One of them is taller than me but the little brother is bushier. We will know more next season. They seem to like the spring storms as much as I do.
I started out just doing my job and ended up with two lilac buses. Didn’t know it was going to happen; it just did.
Sometimes, we all deliver for each other in our hometowns and that's what makes this job fun for me.
You just do your job and karma kicks in.
We all deliver for each other, each in his own way.