Water main flushing continues

PLYMOUTH — Water main flushing will continue this week for residents within the city limits. The Plymouth Water Department is working hard to complete the annual flushing as quickly as possible.
The water mains are flushed once per year over a period of about four weeks. This is done to clear sediment from the lines to keep water flowing smoothly for all.
“The yearly flushing of the lines helps maintain the distribution system,” said Ryan Lunetta of the Water Department. “The proper maintaining of the lines also helps reduce the chances of having a water main break.”
Several years ago the department outsourced the line flushing to another company.
“Since we’ve been doing it ourselves we have been able to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the process,” said Mike Vollrath of the Water Department.
To complete the process city-wide there are nearly 300 main lines that need to be flushed. Almost a dozen lines can be cleared in a day. The crew must turn off certain lines in order to clear the specific main line they are working on. The pipes are flushed for a specific amount of time depending on the size and length of the pipe. It varies from just a few minutes to 15 minutes or longer.
During the process residents will not typically have any problems with their water at home. However there is a chance that water pressure will fluctuate.
In addition there also could be some discoloration of the water. If that happens residents should run their water for several minutes until it clears.
The tool that is used to flush the water mains is connected to a fire hydrant. It includes a static pressure gage. The crew monitors the gage to make sure the pressure stays above the proper level. If the level drops below that level it could draw water from the water lines into residential or commercial property.
The process should be completed by Aug. 8. If you experience any problems or have questions call the water department at 574-936-2543.