Walorski stops in Knox to rally with supporters and continue her Main Street jobs tour

KNOX — Jackie Walorski, Republican candidate for Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District, met with area Republicans Wednesday morning at Christo’s to discuss issues and the need to “get out the vote.”
In her opening comments, Walorski said, “We’ve got six days to go. The countdown is on. The name of the game is getting out the vote. We need to get as many volunteers as we can to knock on doors. The critical time is this weekend. All systems are go. Vote early, we don’t know what the weather will be next week."
Walorski praised local fundraising efforts and Starke County's value in the district.
“The Starke County fundraiser was huge. I left here so encouraged last week. Starke County is important to us; you’re a real player in this district. The message is clear – I vote to reduce taxes. We’re coming down to the ground game this weekend," she said.
Supporters of Walorski were reminded that what's done locally has an impact on other races across the state and nation.
“As Americans we have one chance to come together. Choose what we have done in Indiana. It’s not just ours, there are so many races. What we do is pivotal for (gubernatorial candidate Mike) Pence, (Presidential candidate Mitt) Romney and (U.S. Senate candidate Richard) Mourdock. We need to channel everything to get our team elected. Then start change from the bottom up,” she said.
Following her visit, Walorski was continuing her Main Street Jobs Tour with a tour of the J.W. Hicks facilities in the Knox Industrial Park.
Regarding small businesses, she said, “I support reduction of taxes. The No. 1 issue is certainty for these companies. The main thing we hear from small businesses is uncertainty - about Obamacare and taxes. Obamacare knocked out tens of thousands of jobs.”
Walorski’s visit came the morning after her second debate with Democratic candidate Brendan Mullen, which was broadcast live on SBT2 television and WSBT Radio. Libertarian candidate Joe Ruiz was not invited to participate.
Commenting on the debate, Walorski said, “I was very encouraged about the debate last night.”
The debate addressed key issues, with the most spirited topic being the President’s health care law. Walorski stated, “I am voting for the full repeal of Obamacare, there is no maybe button.”
Mullen basically supports the law, but proposes removing some parts of it, saying, “Let’s keep the good and remove the bad.”
Both candidates stressed the need for bipartisanship in the Congress, although Mullen challenged Walorski’s statement of her bipartisan voting record in the Indiana House. Mullen describes himself as a “conservative Democrat.”
Walorski, a native of South Bend, served in the Indiana State House of Representatives from 2004-2010. In 2010, she challenged Joe Donnelley for Indiana’s 2nd congressional seat and narrowly lost to the incumbent.