Vinall up for Mayor of Plymouth

PLYMOUTH — Plymouth Mayor incumbent Mark Senter (R) will run unopposed until the November election, when the winner of Tony Gamble and Jim Vinall will run for the office.
Vinall feels that infrastructure, housing, and planning for the future are things that Vinall says would be keys in his administration.
“It’s been quite a few years since anybody has spent time to plan things out further down the road,” said Vinall. “Really the last mayor to do that was Chuck Glaub. If he hadn’t done the things he did when he was in office we wouldn’t be where we are today. He spent time thinking and planning ahead.”
Vinall lists the Metronet — which would bring affordable fiber optic choices to local business — as an infrastructure priority along with continuing to plan other infrastructure changes to be sure that industry has what it needs to locate in Plymouth.
Housing in the downtown is also an issue for Vinall saying that there are properties available but the city must plan how they can be used.
“I think of a city like Albany New York with rows of brick buildings that could be made into duplex style housing where the owner lives in one of the units,” said Vinall. “I think that’s important because if the owner isn’t living onsite then they don’t know what’s going on. We have open property available downtown that could be used to build housing too but we need to have a mix of low cost housing and other types. That would require attracting developers downtown but I think that can be done.”
Vinall feels that the city should look at someone on the city payroll to handle economic development in partnership with the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation.
“I think they (MCEDC) are doing a great job but I don’t know that they can do it all by themselves,” said Vinall. “It’s something that could be looked at.”
Finishing the South Gateway and Downtown Park are also items of importance to Vinall.
“I really feel like we should work together with the county on a lot more projects,” he said. “I mean really it’s not about me and it’s not about you, it’s about us and what will help us all.