VFW receives liquor license renewal, with restriction

MARSHALL COUNTY - Efforts by the BREMEN VFW means business as usual for the club.

At May’s meeting of the Marshall County Alcoholic Beverage Commission the VFW liquor license was up for renewal. In the process of that renewal the club itself brought up a violation from Feb. 25 that the Board was not aware of and asked the steps that needed to be taken to bring the business into compliance.

On that particular date an employee had served alcohol to a minor working undercover for Excise Police and an officer was also able to buy beer which is against the license held by the VFW that while anyone can enjoy food or soft drinks at the establishment, only card carrying members are allowed to buy alcohol.

At Tuesday’s meeting Commander Orville Kling and Manager Kristi Barehead appeared before the Board again and reported that the VFW had undertaken retraining all of their bar employees providing a certified training class and had paid all fines for the infraction. The employee responsible is no longer employed by the VFW.

The Board voted a one year renewal - standard procedure after an infraction - and stated that the VFW had taken every precaution to make sure that it would not happen again.