Use of town tax number questioned

BOURBON — It was recently brought to the Bourbon Town Council’s attention that the local Little League group may be using the town’s tax ID number to purchase supplies for the new concession stand.
“That’s not the way it should be done,” said Town Attorney Mark Wagner during the council’s regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday.
It was noted later by Little League board president Bill Keyser that the Little League does not have its own tax ID number. Keyser said that he does not know if the group will attempt to get its own number.
Councilman Les McFarland told his fellow council members Tuesday that he had contacted the IRS about the issue and believes the Little League should not be allowed to use the town’s number for purchases.
“I think things should be done right,” said McFarland.
Councilman P.J. Hanley said that he thought the Little League should be allowed to continue using the number until the end of the year, to give it time to get its own number.
Wagner said it should be a fairly simple process for the Little League to apply for its own tax ID number, since it is a non-profit organization. He added that it could take up to three months to actually receive a number.
The council ultimately voted to prohibit Little League from using the town’s ID number.
Town clerk Kim Berger also informed council members that she had recently received a bill from Hostetler Lawn and Landscaping in the amount of $2,200 for repairs done to two softball fields, one owned by the town and one owned by the school. Berger said that she had not authorized the work, which was ordered by the director of Little League, Steve McBride.
Keyser said that the work was billed to the town because they had paid for similar repairs in the past.
“We have paid for it in the past, but before they get it done they are supposed to come and get approval to spend that money,” noted Berger later.