UPDATE: Former Knox basketball coach arrested for child seduction

KNOX — According to a probable cause affidavit, a Knox Middle School teacher is accused of fathering a child with a former student.
In charging documents through the Starke County Prosecutor's office, Todd Boldy, 39, Knox is accused by a former student who he is alleged to have a sexual relationship with, of also fathering her now 2-year-old son.
Boldry was booked into Starke County Jail Friday and charged with child seduction and official misconduct. Both are D felony charges.
Boldry is accused of pursuing a relationship with a then 17-year-old female student in the fall of 2007. At that time, Boldry was the head coach of the Knox boys basketball team.
Knox City Police Detective Dave Combs began an investigation Feb. 10 into the allegations against Boldry.
The alleged victim said her relationship with Boldry took place during her junior and senior years.
Boldry allegedly sent the girl text messages like "nice hair." Boldry then allegedly began calling the then-student.
In December 2007, the relationship allegedly progressed to a physical one. The encounters, claims the alleged victim, usually took place at Knox High School in the training room.
Boldry is alleged to have asked the student if they could be in a relationship and told the alleged victim not to tell anyone.
She told Combs about an incident in 2008 that she claims involved force. Combs states in the affidavit that the alleged victim said it was senior night for the girl's basketball team and that Boldry allegedly "forcefully" kissed her .
The relationship eventually progressed and she claims that in February of her senior year, she traveled to Logansport to allegedly meet Boldry at a hotel. On that day, the alleged victim claims, the two had sex for the first time.
She claimed that prior to that the encounters began to take place outside of school. That included at his Williams Street residence in Knox.
The affidavit states that alleged victim said she began meeting Boldry on "back roads" near the Knox Industrial Park. She claims that she would be dropped off by a friend and then she would allegedly get in the car with Boldry.
Detective Combs stated that he obtained cards from alleged victim that she alleges she received from Boldry. The cards, which are described as being romantic in nature, were allegedly given to the woman on occasions like Valentine's Day and her birthday. All of the cards are signed "B" and all contain writing. Some of the sentiments talk about their love not being understood. "Most people don't understand our love, but that doesn't matter to me" and "I get really down cause I want to be with you so bad but then I remind myself that our time will come." Combs said one card said "good luck at tryouts." The alleged victim told Combs she received this card before her cheerleading tryouts for senior year.In August 2009, the alleged victim claimed the she became pregnant.
Boldry is accused of purchasing a second cell phone that he would use only to contact the student.
In May 2010, she gave birth to a son with the last name of Boldry.
The woman claims that DNA tests prove that Boldry is the father.
On May 24, around 2 p.m., Combs issued a search warrant on Boldry. Writing samples were obtained and sent to the Indiana State Police crime lab for investigation.
Combs said in the affidavit that Boldry said there was no need to do that because he admitted to writing the letters. Combs said Boldry then asked him what would happen to the case if he resigned from his position at the high school.
If convicted, Boldry may receive a sentence of between six months and three years.
Boldry was held on a $100,000 bond.