Unusual Culver election sees complaints filed, county first

Culver Citizen
Staff Writer

Tuesday's election was an unusual one in Culver specifically and Marshall County in general.

First, there was the matter of the power outage at the Lake Shore Drive train station - depot, now the polling site for town elections. After the announcement went out that the beach lodge had become the new site due to the outage, power was restored and voting continued through the rest of the day at the depot.

The election itself was also a "first" for both the town and the county, in that a Libertarian candidate, Joel R. Samuelson, was elected to fill one of three vacancies at the Culver town council table, beating out two Republican candidates. Samuelson received 159 votes (or 21.52 percent), whereas Republican Robert Cooper received 117 (15.83 percent), and Jean Rakich received 107 (14.48 percent).

Leading the council election was incumbent Ginny Bess Munroe, who will start her third stint in January, having received 216 votes, or 29.23 percent. The lone Democratic candidate, Tammy M Shaffer, took the third highest number at 140 votes, or 18.94 percent.

Republican incumbent Karen A Heim defeated Democratic opponent Gil Standley, Heim with 184 votes (67.15 percent), and Standley with 90 (32.85).

However, a Culver-related complaint had already been filed with the Marshall County Election Board before the polls even opened.

A Culver resident raised the issue of political yard signs from the campaigns of Samuelson and Cooper, alleging they bore no disclaimer. Indiana Code 3-14-1-3 was cited, which states that, “An individual, an organization, or a committee that circulates or publishes material in an election without the statement required under IC 3-9-3-2.5 commits a Class A misdemeanor.”

The election board will be contacting the two campaigns and have them attend the next election board meeting, as well as addressing complaints directed at Josh Walker’s campaign in Plymouth, based on the same cited law. The board may conduct further investigation.

The board scheduled the next meeting for Friday, Nov. 13 at 1 p.m. in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office.

-James Master contributed to this article.