Triton to unveil new technology

BOURBON — Triton School Corporation recently spent about $1 million on new technology for the elementary and junior/senior high school. Superintendent Donna Burroughs said that teachers and administration are currently testing various devices — such as iPads, MacBooks, Kuno tablets, and PC laptops — to see which will work best for the school corporation’s upcoming move to 1:1 (a computer for every student).
“We aren’t ready to go to 1:1 yet, but we are headed that way,” said Burroughs, adding that building infrastructure was updated just this past summer to allow for increased Internet access.
The funds used for the new technology, as well as boilers recently purchased for the school buildings, come from a bond project.
“Since this is basically taxpayer money, we want people to have the opportunity to see what we are doing with the technology,” said Burroughs.
To that end, the public is invited to the schools Nov. 12 from 5:45 to 6:45 p.m. to view demonstrations of new equipment.
One big change is that each classroom is now a “multi-media” classroom. Smart Boards, overhead projectors, and document cameras allow teachers the freedom to move about the room and interact with students rather than having to stand near the blackboard as in years past.
“Teachers love having more computer access for the kids, first and foremost,” said Burroughs. “This is a big step toward taking Triton into the 21st century. It should help increase student engagement.”
Another new program will soon begin at Triton Schools, this one to encourage students to read. Prizes will be given for books read, which Burroughs commented is made possible by donations from Teacher’s Credit Union and Beacon Credit Union. Both school’s libraries will soon carry e-books, available for download to student’s personal electronic devices.
“We are making the library more of a media center,” said Burroughs.